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Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Vanessa Diffenbaugh was born in San Francisco and raised in Chico, California. After studying creative writing and education at Stanford, she went on to teach art and writing to youth in low-income communities. Vanessa Diffenbaugh is the founder of the Camellia Network. The mission of the Camellia Network is to create a nationwide movement to support youth transitioning from foster care. In The Language of Flowers, Camellia [kuh-meel-yuh] means “My Destiny is in Your Hands.”

Diffenbaugh opened her home to foster children in 2005, and over the years she has witnessed firsthand how children “age out” of the system at 18. With little access to support or services, 25 percent become homeless and 25 percent become incarcerated within the first two years. Diffenbaugh’s novel shares her in-depth knowledge of a flawed system and her hopes for young people who have never known love or a stable living situation.

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