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Au Revoir

by Mary Moody

Reviewed by Sue Fisher on October 29, 2014

This is quite an old title, but sometimes an “oldy” is a goody !
This is a true story, more suited for our mature female readers,
who can fully understand after a career, marriage, children, then
grandchildren, women tend to lose their true “selves”.
A Woman’s life, constantly giving to others & so family orientated, then with the prospect of soon turning fifty however, wants & needs to reconnect with her own identity, not just the status of being someone’s wife or mother ! Know the feeling?
This story is about Mary, a woman who does “escape” ! Mary takes off for 6 months to live in a remote village in France to find ‘herself” again. With lots of references to the provincial countryside & French culinary, Mary adapts to life in France almost too quickly & starts to dread the day she must say Au Revoir !
This book ended all too quickly, with me wanting a bit more………….
Yes, there is a sequel ( “Last Tango in Toulouse”) which I will be reading next, so stay tuned !

Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Year published: 2001
Sue Fisher‘s rating: 8 out of 10

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