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Bad Luck and Trouble

by Lee Child

Reviewed by Pete for ABC 1062 A Novel Idea radio segment on May 10, 2013

For those of you that haven’t read any Lee Child before, get ready for full on He-man sort of action.  By that I mean, Lee Child writes about an ex. military policeman called Jack Reacher.  Now Jack Reacher is the sort of guy you don’t want to mess with, very tall, big and certainly very capable.  After leaving the US military, Jack Reacher spends his time roaming the United States of America, usually by hitchhiking or travelling cheaply on Greyhound buses. He doesn’t carry clothes or even have a credit card, in fact he prides himself by carrying his toothbrush and wearing the clothes on his back.  In the course of his travels he usually finds some sort of trouble, be it crooks doing something they shouldn’t or some poor innocent being bullied by some typically bad baddies.  This is were Jack Reacher steps in … and believe me, having read all of his stories, you do not want to mess with JACK REACHER!

In this latest Lee Child novel, called Bad Luck and Trouble, Jack Reacher gets a call for help from one of his old military police special investigations team, apparently one of their old buddies has been found bound and gagged in the middle of the California desert and all the indications are that he has been thrown out of helicopter at 300 feet by somebody who has it in for the old team.

Jack Reacher, following the The Special Investigators creed of always watching each other’s backs puts the old unit back together to find out who is killing members of the old team and why.  In doing so he discovers that it is not just the team he has to worry about, but the stakes are much, much bigger!

Publisher: Bantam Press
Year published: 2007
Pete for ABC 1062 A Novel Idea radio segment‘s rating: 8 out of 10

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