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Last Tango in Toulouse

by Mary Moody

Reviewed by Sue Fisher on November 4, 2014

This is Mary’s sequel to ‘Au Revoir’. Life for Mary Moody becomes even more complicated. She is still restless, even though many changes are occurring. The family shift from their much loved house and garden of 25 years in the Blue Mountains to take up residence in central New South Wales. Mary quits her job as a presenter on the popular ABC program Gardening Australia to try her hand at goose farming.  A trip back to the French countryside to re-furbish their newly acquired holiday house in  Frayssinet-Le-Gelat leads to the fruition of an affair, then on her return Mary has to confront her husband with the news…………….rocky times follow. The rediscovery of her long lost sister after 50 years finds Mary again overseas, this time in Canada, on a very emotional journey. In between all of this, Mary leads a hiking tour to Nepal where the adventure turns into a life or death situation.

If you have immersed yourself in the first two books and are interested to find out what further adventures Mary encounters, I am happy to announce there is a book three in this series titled ‘The Long Hot Summer’.

Publisher: Pan MacMillan
Year published: 2003
Sue Fisher‘s rating: 7 out of 10

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