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Lost and Found

by Brooke Davis

Reviewed by Peg Germein on November 19, 2014

Australian author Brooke Davis’ first novel ‘Lost and found’ encompasses themes of mental illness, love, death and grief, and features acts of violence with an artificial leg, an unconventional love story, and a seven year old girl with a diary of dead things!
The story revolves around three very different main characters. Millie, aged 7, left in a shopping centre by her mentally ill mother, is lost.
Reclusive octogenarian Agatha, yelling insults to passersby from the security of her home, is mentally lost. Karl, an 87 year old widower on the run from a nursing home is lost in his grief for his wife and the life he once had.
How the trio are ‘found’ is revealed in this very entertaining book, The blurb on the front cover promises that you will “laugh, cry and feel a little wiser” after reading this book. Not everyone will agree – read it for yourself and be the judge!

Publisher: Hatchette Australia
Year published: 2014
Peg Germein‘s rating: 9 out of 10

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