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The restoration of Otto Laird

by Nigel Packer

Reviewed by Merridy Rady on November 19, 2014

Nigel Packer’s first novel is an exploration of growing old and the gentle reflection of a life well lived. Otto Laird has enjoyed notoriety as an influential architect throughout the sixties, building landmark structures that set the pace for change and new ideologies. This is his journey of a return to one particular building, Marlowe House, that is on the verge of demolition. A quite elderly Otto is asked to return to London for a media interview and to stay in one of the apartments of the building for a single week. This experience conjures mixed emotions in Otto; revisiting the times and places shared with his first wife has unsettled him and raised questions in his mind, not only about his life but about his buildings too. An accident, reconciliation with his estranged son and coming to terms with growing old, we¬† learn from Otto to appreciate each day. A beautifully paced story with an interesting and quirky character at the helm.

Publisher: Hatchette Australia
Year published: 2014
Merridy Rady‘s rating: 8 out of 10

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