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The following guides have more in depth information about the different services we offer at our libraries. Click on the link and you will see the full guide and have printing options. Our annual library reports are included.

Berri Barmera Library Services

Online Library Catalogue guide
Visitor Membership Berri Barmera Library Service

Berri Barmera Library Services Annual Reports

Library Annual Report 2015-16
Library Annual Report 2014-15
Library Annual Report 2013-14
Library Annual Report 2012-13
Library Annual Report 2011-12

Berri Library and Information Centre

– Berri Library Online Resources Guide 2014
Berri Barmera Library Service – Your Library Brochure
– Berri Library Community Use and Room Bookings Guide

Barmera Library and Council Customer Service Centre

Berri Barmera Library Service – Your Library Brochure
Barmera Library Online Resources Guide 2014